Skypoint Tecno Dome

Skypoint Digital Planetariums new line of Tecno Dome domes

Our new line of planetarium domes uses a new technology studied and developed together with a leading manufacturer of fiberglass structures in Italy.

Skypoint "Tecno Dome" not only ensures a better projection quality, but also a longer life, a perfectly spherical shape and almost no maintenance.

Tecno Dome is made of fiber composite plastics and fiberglass. It is composed by a few segments bolted and glued together to form a single final structure.

Tecno Dome has a L-shaped profile on the bottom, useful, for instance, to provide radent lighting.

The dome has been developed to be supported by appropriate columns and possibly held in place by tie rods (in case of large diameters), in number and size to be quantified according to project or customer requirements. Columns can be concrete, brick or steel made.

The advantages of this new type of dome compared to a model composed by metal plates are numerous and significant.

Tecno Dome advantages

  • Structural rigidity much greater than steel plates. The special sandwich structure used to build the wall of the dome, allow an exceptional stiffness of 5,000 Pa but a very low weight.

  • Ideally perfect hemispherical shape with very tight tolerances, about 1/10 of the tolerances obtainable with steel domes (hence same focus on the entire dome). For example, a 6m dome has a sphericity tolerance of less than 1 cm!

  • Bending radius constant and identical over the entire surface (i.e. higher quality projection and focus)

  • Perfectly spherical shape. Conventional steels domes formed by segments of metal sections (metal in this case can fold only to the longitudinal side) are actually multi-sided polygons that simulate a circle and then a sphere. The plates are then grouted or glued in the joints. The new Skypoint "Tecno Dome", being produced from molds, has two ways of concavity that allow to obtain a true hemisphere with all its benefits.

  • Finishing of the projection surface obtained with special resins incorporated in the process of formation of parts of the dome, then painted on site with a neutral gray color suitable for projection. This means that you get a perfectly smooth surface, opaque and the right shade of gray. The finishing also does not require any special maintenance over years and has a much greater durability than traditional plastering and painting of steel domes.

  • No cracks or parts to retouch: over years plates of metallic domes must be refilled and repainted as settling of buildings and ground, microshocks or the simple use of the dome can cause cracks on joints of the plates. Thinking that a dome sheet can be composed of 100 segments, this gives an idea of ​​how many potential points of junction will require constant maintenance. The Skypoint "Tecno Dome" does not form cracks and does not require maintenance thanks to the use of the same construction material all over the structure. The smooth surface protect also the dome from dust.

  • Flat projection surface: unlike metal domes, perforated surface should not be used as the material does not resonate or creates "metallic" echoes. A flat surface allow brighter projected image and more saturated colors. In other words, if we consider equal projection brightness we can use lower power consumption.

  • Phono-absorbent panels: Tecno Dome has a phono-absorbent sandwich structure that minimize generated echoes.

  • Security: SkyPoint "Tecno Dome" is REI certified and is completely fireproof. Since it is made of electrically high insulating plastic material, it does not require earthing systems. So any electrical equipment is inherently safe.

  • Self-supporting structure: the peculiar structure make the Tecno Dome completely self-supporting, therefore more secure and less demanding during installation.

  • Joints between segments are almost invisible because resins used allow to obtain a flat surface in contrast to what happens in metal models made by assembled panels. During projection of the night sky you will not see any joints.

  • Completely non-deformable even by gravity or temperature changes.

  • Build and installation time of the dome 30% less than conventional metallic domes.

  • No maintenance needed: there are no filler and subsequent coatings to be redone.

Skypoint "Tecno Dome" is avilable from 2 meters to 11 meters diameter.

Please, contact us for more info or a quotation.

Tecno Dome 10.5 m structure example.

Tecno Dome 10.5 m structure example.

  • The first Skypoint "Tecno Dome" concept dome.The first Skypoint "Tecno Dome" concept dome.
  • The Skypoint "Tecno Dome" concept dome supported by 4 metallic columns.The Skypoint "Tecno Dome" concept dome supported by 4 metallic columns.
  • The inside of the Skypoint "Tecno Dome": you can see the perfect flat surface and the neutral grey colour, perfect for high-quality projection.The inside of the Skypoint "Tecno Dome": you can see the perfect flat surface and the neutral grey colour, perfect for high-quality projection.