Digistar Lite Portable

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For more than 30+ years, Evans & Sutherland has been delivering Digistar systems to planetariums around the world.

Now, Skypoint Planetariums in collaboration with Evans & Sutherland has developed Digistar Lite, the ultimate portable planetarium.

Digistar Lite uses a customized version of Digistar 6, the world’s leading digital planetarium system. The biggest and most important planetariums in the world use Digistar, totaling more than 550 planetariums in the world.

Digistar Lite includes the core features of Digistar 6, with optional features like the Digistar Cloud Library, Show Builder, Dome Casting and a few others available for purchase as separate plug-ins. This has allowed us introduce the new Digistar Lite line at a very competitive price with advanced features not previously available in portable planetarium systems. Digistar Lite will revolutionize the way you present astronomy in your mobile dome.

Digistar Lite is also perfect as an entry-level system for institutions, schools, and associations that have a small to medium permanent dome but not the budget for a full Digistar 6 system. Digistar Lite can be upgraded at any time to a full Digistar 6 single or dual channel system with optional 3D Stereo capability.

Digistar Lite Highlights

  • Extreme Portability. Flight case depends by the type of projector used.
    Digistar Lite 1080 and 1200 models with Optoma projectors (or mirrors models) will have a single flight case of 50 x 40 x 67 cm and a total weight of about 36 kg. An option with two flight cases (25 kg + 13 kg) can be requested at an additional cost of $500 USD (especially helpful for female planetarium operators). Digistar Lite models with F32/35 use one 25 kg, 50 x 32 x 67 cm flight case which includes the premium workstation to operate Digistar Lite and a second smaller, 20 kg flight case for the projector with attached lens. We recommend this solution because Barco projectors are bigger and this permits us to maintain weights and dimensions of the cases to values compliant with EU laws for weight as well as work safety. Alternatively, the customer can request a single case option (total weight about 42 kg) at no additional cost.

    Digistar Lite mobile

  • Ready to Use. No special tools necessary. Just take out the top part and projector side plate, then plug in the video and 110-200 Volt power cords. The system boots in less than five minutes. WiFi for iPad starts automatically. Easily adjust the height of the projector to match every condition. Just switch on the iPad (included) and you are ready to start.

    Digistar Lite case

  • Digistar Lite. Digistar Lite is the most complete astronomical software for portable planetariums. The system includes custom pages designed to fully control the system from an iPad, iPad Pro, or any other tablet. Additionally, optional plugins are available to expand the capabilities of the system.

  • Fisheye Lens. All Digistar Lite models use a high-quality, 180° fisheye lens directly connected to the projector. We don’t use fisheye converters or a diagonal mirror with a fish eye lens as do many entry level systems from competitors. This assures the maximum optical quality and the highest light throughout.

  • Fully Integrated Computer and Audio. All the parts of the computer are included in the flight case and are easily accessible for maintenance. External USB, HDMI, and LAN ports simplify the connections. The system is completely shockproof. A Samsung EVO SSD is supplied to avoid a data crash during transport. Digistar Lite incorporates a 2.0 25W audio system with Ciare speakers and an analog amplifier all included in the chassis (high quality speakers and amplifiers made in Italy).

    Digistar Lite fully integrated computer and audio

  • Complete iPad functionality. Digistar Lite can be operated from just an iPad (included), iPad Pro (available as an upgrade option), or any other tablet. Use your finger to explore your universe and use multiple windows to multi-task.

  • Interactive Dome View. For the first time ever, the famous Digistar Interactive Dome View is accessible through an iPad! This gives you exceptional control over what it is happening on the dome. Move the time, select a star or a constellation, move objects or models, and more, with just your finger! Thanks to the WiFi Direct connection, the iPad refresh rate is very quick, even during 60 fps movie playback.

    Interactive Dome View Interactive Dome View 2 Interactive Dome View 3

  • SkyTouch with iPad. We have developed a new wireless 6-axis controller called SkyTouch. The SkyTouch will revolutionize your approach to space travel and planet flyovers. The SkyTouch also holds the iPad or iPad Pro 12.9” for a comfortable use of the User inferface. Customizable buttons and a touch panel permit you to assign a specific functions or goto (example: refresh the dome projection, assign a script, bookmark, etc, planets, deepsky objects, etc.). An illuminated different position knob permits you to change the time speed at different levels. SkyTouch is supplied with every Digistar Lite planetarium.

  • Customized Control Pages. While every User can customize the control panel pages, we have already created several pages to easily control every aspect of the portable planetarium quickly.

  • Easy Upgrade to Fixed Position. A dedicated version for fixed installation is available. Please contact Skypoint or local dealer for details.

  • Multilanguage. Digistar is fully Unicode compliant, allowing on-dome, real-time text to be displayed in virtually any language or character set. The language used for object labels is a preference setting. Digistar already includes labels for the most common languages. Creating label files for new languages is a relatively simple task. English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and many others are already available.

    Digistar Lite multilanguage

  • Fulldome shows included. The system includes some very recent fulldome movies with a perpetual license. Please see the titles in the List of Deliverables. Each show is provided with English narration while other languages when available (additional languages can be recorded locally by the customer). The Digistar Lite catalogue has a list of more than 150 optional fulldome shows, on different contents, and with different prices to match every customer’s budget.

  • Bluetooth and Wifi. A direct WiFi connection between the planetarium chassis and iPad is used to show the complete Digistar User Interface on the iPad screen including the interactive dome view and control panels. A Bluetooth connection between the planetarium chassis and the SkyTouch controller is used for all the other commands like buttons, joysticks and touch panel interactions. Digistar Lite controller allows Internet connection and access to Digistar Cloud (a LAN port is available). This Internet connection permits also remote diagnosis and/or technical assistance from Skypoint Planetariums Technicians.

  • Digistar Lite Drawing on the Dome A little embedded software provided with the Digistar Lite permits to write by hands on the Interactive Dome View. The operator of the Planetarium will be so able to draw on the dome any type of line connecting stars or marks (changing colour and size), in real time.

  • Digistar Lite Portable Image Generator The Digistar Lite is also available as Image Generator for all those customers that already have a portable planetarium and want to keep the existing projector and lens. The Image generator is supplied in a flight case, similar to the one supplied with complete Digistar Lite systems but smaller because it will just host the computer, hardware and the Digistar Lite Controller. The Image generator has all the outputs to connect to the existing projectors and well as all the outputs included in the complete Digistar Lite systems (USB2, USB3, mic, etc). The 2.0 audio system is included as well. The Image generator supports projectors up to 2560x1600 pixel of native resolution.

Digistar Lite Models

Digistar Lite Specifications - Models with projector and fisheye lens supplied

Digistar Lite 1080 Digistar Lite 1200 Digistar Lite 1200 F32 Digistar Lite 1600 F35
Projector Type Optoma EH503 Optoma EH505 Barco F32 WUXGA Barco F35 WQXGA
Brightness (lumens) 5000 5000 8000 7500
Contrast Ratio up to 2000:1 up to 2000:1 up to 7500:1 up to 8000:1
Resolution on Dome (meridian unique pixels) 1080px 1200px 1200px 1600px
Native Resolution (pixels) 1920x1080 1920x1200 1920x1200 2560x1600
Suggested Maximum Dome Size 7-8m 9m 10m 12m
Lamps Per Projector 1 1 2 2
Lamp Life (hours) 2000 2000 2000 2000